Trader Joe’s ZZ Plant Review

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New Plant Alert!

My day got insanely better when I walked into Trader Joe’s the other day and saw that they were selling ZZ plants.

My eyes were immediately drawn to this leafy friends green leaves and the woven casing covering the pot.

The plant was pretty cheap – about $9.99 (I lost the receipt lol) and the size was a perfect addition to my room.

ZZ plants are one of my favorites (snake plants and succulents will always have my heart) and I wrote a review about my purchase through Amazon that you can read here.

Have your purchased a plant from Trader Joe’s before? I have eyed their selection in the past but never bought one (yes, I impulsively bought it lol) but so far, am happy with my purchase.

There is a plant-shop in Montclair, NJ that I want to check out soon – deVINE Plantery

Not only is the shop aesthetically pleasing, it is black-woman owned! I love supporting local plant-shops and small businesses–what shops do you recommend?

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