New Year, New Adventures

The New Year means new adventures! I have compiled a list of restaurants, cafes, clubs, and even countries I want to visit. The sky’s the limit this year, so I want to try to knock some of these places off on my list. Have you been to any of these places? Restaurants/Cafes – NJ/NYC TheContinue reading “New Year, New Adventures”

Breakfast Ideas

I made a menu of some breakfast ideas! I’m always bouncing between sweet and savory breakfasts depending on my moods so I added recipes for each. Baked oats are amazing! I have them either for breakfast or as a snack after lunch. I usually add about a cup of old fashioned oats, 1 scoop ofContinue reading “Breakfast Ideas”

Touch the Heart, Hoboken NJ

This week, my friends and I visited Touch the Heart in Hoboken, NJ. I love the aesthetic of the restaurant (and the food of course haha) but the colors, wall art, and greenery stood out to me as well. Below I have a collage of photos I took – shout-out to the honey hot chickenContinue reading “Touch the Heart, Hoboken NJ”